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Top 15 Digital Transformation Trends in 2024

2023 didn’t turn out to be the year we expected. It was full of ups and downs. While some positive indicators suggest promise for 2024, ongoing uncertainty is anticipated until a potential interest rate decrease in H2 of the following year. This uncertainty is poised to directly influence digital transformation trends, leading CFOs to adopt

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How do ERP systems work

How do ERP systems work?

ERP is such a broad and deep subject that it’s hard to understand what an ERP truly is and how it works. Read on to learn more.

What Is A CRM System?

What is a CRM system? Customer Relationship Management?

Do you remember your first customer when you started your business? As a small business, you got your first customer. And grew because none of your bigger competitors could match the personalized attention you provided. But now, with growth, you are having a hard time providing the same level of attention that you always wanted.


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.