Solving Digital Commerce Financial Performance Challenges

Through a structured framework and comprehensive approach to fixing sales, marketing, supply chain, customer experience, operations, and financial workflows.

We Help Companies Struggling with Digital Commerce Financial Performance

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ElevatIQ consultants help companies facing digital commerce financial performance challenges in improving conversion rate, optimizing user and customer experience, tight integration of commerce systems and processes, solving inventory and supply chain issues, improving cross-departmental collaboration workflows, and fixing technical performance issues with eCommerce portals.

Improving Conversion Rate

Is the navigation architecture impacting the conversion rate for your eCommerce website? Not hitting the conversion rate metric despite several attempts? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ to improve their conversion rate.

Solving Inventory and Supply Chain Issues

Experiencing stock-outs? Having inventory issues because of disconnected S&OP and commerce processes? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ in solving inventory and supply chain issues.

Improving User and Customer Experience

Struggling with the user and customer experience? Users bouncing off from the site as soon as they land? Need help in improving the user and conversion rate of the site? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ in improving user and customer experience.

Improving Cross-departmental Collaboration Workflows

Unable to get data from your operational and finance teams needed to make critical sales and marketing decisions? Other departments impacting your sales and marketing processes and KPIs? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ in improving cross-departmental workflows.

Tighter Integration of Commerce Systems and Processes

Issues with customer experience due to data siloes and loose integration of processes and systems? Need to figure out if the current issues could be because of the data siloes? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ with tighter integration of commerce systems and processes.

Fixing Performance Issues with eCommerce Portals

Performance issues of your site are causing the ranking issues on Google? Not sure what may be driving the performance issues of your commerce processes? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help fixing issues with eCommerce portals.

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Digital Commerce Financial Performance

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Digital Commerce Financial Performance

ElevatIQ offers several services to help with this challenge, such as eCommerce digital strategy roadmap, digital commerce business model transformation, headless commerce strategy and architecture, eCommerce solution architecture, and eCommerce platform optimizations.

E-commerce Digital Strategy Roadmap

Our assessment starts with a deeper dive into the current state of your eCommerce performance, pain points, and goals. We use secondary and primary methods to provide an initial roadmap of recommended changes to meet your business goals through digital commerce channels.

E-commerce Solution Architecture

This service helps in setting the right foundation for your architecture, whether your architecture might contain just one platform or several, including PIM, DAM, DXP, and CMS. ElevatIQ can help define the architecture you need to enable customer experience.

Digital Commerce Business Model Transformation

This service helps eCommerce brands enable business models such as D2C, buy-online-pickup in-store, buy-online-return-in-store, or subscription-based business models.

eCommerce Platform Selection and Re-platforming

These services help identify suitable eCommerce systems for your enterprise architecture. These services also help uncover technical and financial risks deeply embedded in your contracts and manage change for your organization.

Headless Commerce Strategy and Architecture

This service helps eCommerce brands with headless architecture enablement, whether you need a custom headless solution or integration with monolithic platforms such as SAP Hybris and Oracle ATG. Or utilizing a newer breed of headless platforms such as commercetools, Spryker, or VTEX.

E-commerce Implementation and Integration

This service helps with the implementation of an eCommerce platform whether you need help with one of the SMB platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento. This service also helps with the integration whether you need to connect your eCommerce platform with ERP, CRM, or customer data platform.


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.