Helping With Enterprise Software Selection

Through the structured approach of building a requirements matrix, process reengineering, and streamlined vendor evaluation process

Problems Companies Face

When They Need Help With Enterprise Software Selection?

Not sure how to start the process of enterprise technology selection? Feeling like being sold by enterprise software vendors than finding solutions to your core problems? Not sure how to build consensus among different team members about potential solutions? ElevatIQ’s enterprise software selection is designed to help companies when they struggle with these challenges.

No Experience in Building Requirements Matrix

Feeling overwhelmed with the requirements needed in the new system? Not sure how to evaluate different ERP systems? And identify critical success factors that will be make or break the ERP implementation? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might have limited experience in building requirement matrix and understanding how each requirement might impact the implementation.

No Structured framework for Vendor Evaluation

Not sure how to compare different vendors and solutions? Feeling lost with most ERP vendors and solutions appearing similar in their capabilities? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help with a structured framework for vendor evaluation.

No Experience with Process Re-engineering

Are your interwoven processes driving the hijacking of several processes outside of the system? Processes feeling like putting the cart before the horse? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they have limited experience with process re-engineering that may drive technical and financial risks for your ERP implementation.

No Experience with Hiring Internal Teams for Digital Transformation

Have your internal hiring decisions fired back with digital transformation? Not sure what to look for in potential hires while building your internal capacity? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might not have as much background in staffing digital transformation projects.

Limited Experience with Master Data Governance and Planning

Is your data all over the place? Not sure how to build governance processes around data? How may the current state of your data drive implementation issues? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might have limited experience with data reengineering.

No Experience in Evaluating Financial Risks Embedded with Software Contracts

Feeling overwhelmed with the variables driving the software contracts? Not familiar with how software contracts fire back because of licensing nuances? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might not have as much experience interpreting software contracts and understanding their implications.

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Our Case Studies for

Enterprise Software Selection

Our Methodology

for Enterprise Software Selection

The process starts with an assessment of the current business, process, information, and technology architecture. It then builds the requirements matrix containing all the systems, with their roles and responsibilities, and identifies critical success factors. The process then follows with RFP development, vendor demonstrations, and contract negotiations. 


This phase starts with the as-is and to-be analysis of the business model, business vision, and current & future processes. It also analyzes current systems and architecture, as well as changes to the processes, master data, and system landscape.

Solution Matrix Development

This phase evaluates over 200 systems against critical success factors and builds an initial list for the next phase. The solution matrix is continuously revised while aligning the expectations of all stakeholders as the process advances.

Vendor Demonstrations

This phase would be a series of demos to evaluate the capabilities of a solution and align stakeholders in how their life would be with the new ERP. After each demo, the stakeholders are briefed on the potential pros and cons of each solution.

Requirements Matrix and Critical Success Factors

This phase captures the requirements in the as-is and to-be systems for each system in the architecture. It also identifies the critical success factors that will drive the RFP and vendor demonstrations.

RFP and Demo Scripts Development

This phase builds a comprehensive RFP that will be sent out to the initial vendors. This phase also builds the demo script that will set the expectations for each of the demos.

Contract Negotiations

This phase would be the contract negotiation of the software and services agreement. This phase might require several different matrix, such as user-solution mapping, interface license mapping, transaction license mapping, etc.

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Our Other Digital

Transformation Services

ElevatIQ Digital Transformation services include digital strategy and planning, business case development, enterprise software selection, solution and enterprise architecture design, data architecture and governance strategy, IT and software contract negotiation, and app modernization and custom development. 

Data Architecture and Governance Strategy

These services help with the data architecture and governance strategy, such as identifying the role and responsibilities of different data sets, and their interaction with different systems. As well as how each system will augment the datasets.

Business Case Development

This service helps executives such as CIOs and CFOs in building a business case for digital transformation initiatives if they might not have as much experience with the structured process for computing the ROI and TCO analysis of the digital transformation efforts.

Solution and Enterprise Architecture Design

This service helps in designing the enterprise architecture, such as identifying the roles and responsibilities of different components. As well as process boundaries and sources of authority of different datasets.

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2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.