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Managing people through change w/ Amanda Prochaska

WBSP061: Grow Your Business by Shifting From the Transactional To Value-Driven Pricing Strategies w/ Andrew Deutsch

In this episode, we have our guest Andrew Deutsch, who discusses pricing strategies for companies. He shares his thoughts on how to shift from the transactional mindset to value-driven pricing. Finally, he touches on several other pricing-related topics, including organizational alignment on pricing, channel conflict issues about pricing, pricing-driven customer experience, and promotional pricing. Chapter

Marketing Automation w/ Dave Meyer

WBSP058: Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation w/ Dave Meyer

In this episode, we have our guest Dave Meyer from BizzyWeb, who describes how marketing automation works and why that is important to understand customer journeys. He also explains how marketing automation helps engage with existing customers and find new-new prospects. Finally, he shares several stories related to growing businesses using marketing automation. Chapter Markers

Having a Cash Flow Mindset w/ Aaron Spool

WBSP053: Grow Your Business by Having a Cash Flow Mindset w/ Aaron Spool

In this episode, we have our guest Aaron Spool from Eventus Advisory Group, who describes what it means to have a cash flow mindset in the organization. He also touches on business drivers and why tax and accounting should not drive business decisions. Finally, he discusses many scenarios of cash and revenue misalignment and the


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.