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LinkedIn Algorithm Strategies with Cory Warfield

WBSP012: Grow Your Business by Hacking LinkedIn Algorithm w/ Cory Warfield

In this episode, we have our guest Cory Warfield from ShedWool, who shares LinkedIn algorithm secrets and discussed how he became a popular LinkedIn Influencer with nearly 250K followers through his authentic content and personality widely admired on LinkedIn. We also got a chance to discuss what finance and operations executives need to do to

Image for WBSP009: Grow Your BusinessThrough Inflection Points

WBSP009: Grow Your Business Through Inflection Points w/ Jim Gitney

In this episode, we have our guest Jim Gitney from Group50, who shares his thoughts on each inflection point for companies and what they need to know to identify them and move to the next by making necessary changes. He also shares his perspective on growth implications if you don’t act or see a doctor

WBSP008: Grow Your Business by Implementing Appropriate ERP Costing w/ Ram Krishnamurti

In this episode, we have our guest Ram Krishnamurti, who discusses costing strategies for different businesses and why that matters for ERP implementations. He also breaks down some of the ERP concepts for executives who may not be familiar with ERP or ERP implementations. Finally, he shares some secrets into what makes ERP transformation projects

WBSP007: Grow Your Business by Stop by Being the Best Kept Secret w/ Curt Anderson

In this episode, we have our guest Curt Anderson from B2BTail, who touches on why growth extends beyond sales and marketing for custom manufacturers. The revenue needs to be profitable. He shares his personal story of growing his e-commerce business. Unlike other companies, he has had tremendous success in increasing revenue but struggled to make

WBSP006: Grow Your Business by Reinvesting Your Market Budget w/ Joe Sullivan

In this episode, we have our guest Joe Sullivan from Gorilla 76, who touches on growth from the perspective of marketing and why COVID offers an excellent opportunity to reinvest their marketing budget reserved for in-person events to other digital channels. He also discusses why marketing needs to start from a strategic business outcome instead

WBSP004: Grow Your E-Commerce Businesses From the Ground Up w/ Chase Clymer

In this episode, we have our guest, Chase Clymer, who brings a unique perspective for manufacturers and e-commerce merchants from his experience of helping customers getting their e-commerce businesses to grow from the ground up using Shopify. He also shares his in-field experiences of what makes an e-commerce toolset or architecture, especially Shopify, successful. Chapter


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.