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Big Country Raw, a pet food manufacturer, selling 100% through DTC channels.

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  Digital Transformation Roadmap
  Business Process Re-engineering
  Enterprise Architecture Development
  Vendor Selection
  Software Contract Negotiation
  Project and Change Management
  Requirements Management
  Master Data Governance Framework
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Digital Transformation Change and Project Management Big Country Raw

Big Country Raw Case Study

Digital Transformation Change and Project Management

Learn how Big Country Raw managed the change and transformation despite their limited budget for ERP implementation and eCommerce integration.

  Despite working with other selection firms, they struggled with how ERP would fit with their business.
Even though they used over 55 plugins over WooCommerce, they still struggled with basic ERP scenarios such as 3-way match.
 With limited expertise in enterprise applications, they struggled to prioritize whether they should move first to Magento or to an ERP.
 Given the challenges such as in-house logistics, their business model was unique, unlike other traditional retailers and food and beverage manufacturers.
 Growing out of QuickBooks, they needed substantial help with data conversion, including creating BOMs and formulas from scratch. They never had them finalized.
 The quick growth resulted in an ever-evolving business model with several warehouses being planned at the same time as as-is and to-be states were being finalized.

  As-is and To-be process models built
Process reengineering recommendations
  New inventory reconciliation models
  Superior material movement flow
  Business, process, information, and system architecture built 
  Change management plan formalized
  Source of authority and system interaction flow built
  Data cleansing recommendations provided
  New BOMs and formulas aligned with Acumatica’s data model created

  The system footprint consolidated by 70%
  Alignment of as-is and to-be process models for executive teams
  The opportunity costs for internal teams were reduced by 70%
  ERP implementation costs less than 20% of the industry average
  Total potential savings of over $200K through vendor discounts
  The duplicate data entry efforts reduced by 40% through integrated processes and systems
  The inventory and matching accuracy increased by 50% through tight financial control
  Superior insights into the financials and expenses to build scalable operational capacity

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