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Through a structured approach to business system adoption including optimizing your current processes and systems, procuring new ERP software, building vendor-agnostic digital architecture, and software contract negotiations.

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With the vendor-agnostic, independent approach to digital transformation, ElevatIQ is your one-stop-shop for all your digital needs, whether you need help optimizing current systems, selecting new systems, implementing, or integrating them. ElevatIQ helps assess and procure business systems (such as ERP, E-commerce, WMS, TMS, HCM, P2P, MES, and CRM) from over 200 enterprise software vendors. With over 1000 ERP selection engagements and over 200 successful ERP implementations, ElevatIQ is uniquely positioned to build the digital process architecture for the next phase of your growth.

Most system selection firms have limited experience implementing ERP and enterprise systems themselves. Instead, they typically follow a checklist approach from the marketing brochures to select systems. However, successful implementations need equal alignment of all aspects of transformation: software, data, process, and people. And it requires much deeper business and technical expertise that very few consulting firms such as ElevatIQ possess.

Our consultants review hundreds of contracts and quotes from enterprise vendors daily. The enterprise software companies have information parity and edge to craft contracts to hide financial risks and make them attractive in the short term. We have access to their prior quotes and can help you avoid future financial surprises and help you get the most discounts they typically offer.

Most ERP and accounting firms maintain expertise with a few accounting and ERP systems. But they lack experience in building the enterprise architecture and identifying the suitable systems for the right job. Our team not only understands ERP systems deeply, but we have profound expertise with most enterprise technologies, including WMS, TMS, E-commerce, HCM, P2P, MES, POS, S&OP, and iPaaS.

Most companies hit an inflection point in their growth journey where they need to make significant strategic changes to reach the next inflection point. The strategic changes, whether driven by marketing teams such as DTC, omnichannel experience, or BOPIS or by the operational teams such as operational, financial, or supply chain transformation, we have end-to-end expertise to transform your business model.

While most ERP companies and resellers maintain expertise with a couple of ERP technologies, our team has implemented most major ERP systems and knows their internal strengths and weaknesses comprehensively. This unique capability and independent and vendor-agnostic approach allow us to recommend systems with the least financial and adoption risks.

Most ERP vendors and resellers rely on other vendors for solutions outside of their expertise. We have internal capabilities to support most ERP systems and technologies in the pre-implementation phase, implementation, or post-implementation. In addition, we can help whether you need help building your team or recurring consulting support to ensure success with master data and architecture.

Sam and his ElevatIQ team are phenomenal! They bring so much more than ERP Integration to the table. Their business knowledge is top-notch, and they are always happy to offer unique solutions to any problem. Don’t wait to give them a call. You won’t be sorry!!!

Stephanie ShraderSr. Director Procurement and Materials, PrideSports

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Whether you are looking for a fully integrated ERP system or a software to support your specific business function such as sales, marketing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, operations, warehouse managment, accounting, or finance, we can help.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a fully integrated solution with accounting and finance processes embedded across the enterprise including operations and sales. If you are trying to consolidate all your standalone software into one system, you need an ERP.

If your manufacturing processes are manual or managed through spreadsheets such as BOM Management, lot tracking, recall management, supply chain, and procurement planning, then you might need manufacturing or MRP software

If your machines are not connected with your current business system in real-time, you will most likely need an MES system. MES systems are designed for manufacturing operational execution and are better suited to store operational data than ERP systems. In addition, MES systems are designed to help meet the needs of the shop floor.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a standalone application to automate your sales and marketing processes. Companies look for CRM software to organize their sales and marketing processes without impacting other areas such as accounting and operations.

If your Warehouse processes are manual and you are looking to automate using barcode scanners, gain efficiencies using wave and batch picking, and have complex warehouse storage requirements, then you might need a warehouse management software

If you don’t have the need or budget to automating all your processes across the organization and merely looking to organize your inventory or accounting processes, you may be looking for an accounting system or inventory software that can automate your financial processes.

You need eCommerce capabilities if you plan to accept orders or inquiries through digital channels. The eCommerce capabilities can map the entire customer journey and help with customer experience initiatives.

If you are a people-driven organization and need help transforming your HR processes, you need an HCM system. Unfortunately, most ERP systems aren't good at the HCM processes. Most HR teams would need dedicated HCM software with payroll capabilities.

If your quality processes are manual and you seek to gain compliance certifications including ISO, 21 CFR Part 11, HACCP, GMP, you need a robust quality management software such as QMS, Statistical Process Control (SPC), and product lifecycle management (PLM)

Sam Gupta is the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to commercializing technology solutions for enterprises on their digital transformation journey. He has extensive subject matter expertise when it comes to ERP, CRM, BI, data warehouse, and other integration-focused programs.

Anna McGovernFounder and Managing Director, Pondview Consulting

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Our Services

ElevatIQ services include transformation readiness assessment and vendor-agnostic digital process architecture development; business process re-engineering, documentation, and design; digital roadmap and business case development; enterprise technology selection; requirement, project, and change management; RFP development and contract negotiation; ERP implementation, optimization, and training; and ERP project recovery and expert witness.

Our assessment starts with a deeper dive into the current state of your processes, data, systems, pain points, and goals. We use secondary and primary methods to provide an initial roadmap of recommended changes to meet your business goals.

We have internal capabilities to support the implementation of most major ERP systems. We also help integrate Salesforce, HubSpot, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, POS, or ERP systems (SAP, NetSuite, Sage).

If you don't have an internal CIO, we can act as the interim CIO and advise on most systems and processes. In addition, if you need our help as the expert witness or in an M&A transaction to assess the potential of business technology, we can help.

These services take deeper dive into a selected area from the assessment, whether it's about replacing a system or optimizing the current system, process, or data. These services are applicable in the pre-selection phase to avoid ERP implementation and adoption risks.

If your goal is to improve the customer experience by implementing a new eCommerce platform or re-platforming your existing one, these services can help. In addition, we can help integrate it into your architecture.

70% of the ERP projects don't deliver business results, and some cause significant disruptions to the business. If you need help recovering the project by analyzing the current implementation and taking interim steps to prevent damages or pivoting strategy, we can help.

These services help identify the suitable systems for your enterprise architecture. If multiple systems are part of the architecture, whether existing or new, the source of authority of each shared master data along with transactional boundaries of each system is identified.

Your acquisition strategy may land into technology silos, limiting the insight available across business processes, customers, and suppliers. Our team can help with technology integration strategy and execution.

Unlike other ERP vendors in the market, our training methodology is inspired by modern learning techniques, which can be customized to your unique needs, irrespective of whether you prefer workshop-oriented training, online recorded sessions, or collaborative CRPs.

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