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About ElevatIQ

ElevatIQ is an independent digital transformation consulting firm focusing on business process automation, customer experience, continuous improvement, and marketing automation. ElevatIQ helps assess and procure business systems (such as ERP, E-commerce, WMS, TMS, P2P, MES, and CRM) produced by tier I publishers. Its services include enterprise technology selection, contract negotiation, integration, upgrade, implementation, or training. Through its partnership model with several edge software providers, ElevatIQ is your one-stop shop for all your business transformation and digital needs.

With our background implementing several systems including ERP, CRM, HCM, Quality Management, and PLM, our team provides comprehensive approach to solving business problems. Unlike other ERP providers who are focused on a couple of tools, this expertise helps with diverse thinking and lead your engagement in the solution-oriented manner.

Like you, our consultants have background in working on the shop floor and corporate offices of various manufacturing companies, this uniquely positions them to relate with your business processes without spending time in coaching them. This expertise helps save time with your implementations reduce TCO while increasing ROI for you.

Without deep enterprise architecture expertise, most ERP consulting firms end up overengineering a couple of systems with significant legal and business continuity issues. We define your business architecture first while identifying the source of authority for each of your datasets and build scalable system architecture aligned with your operational growth plans.

Unlike other ERP consultants who are certified on one solution or recommend without deep expertise on the capabilities of products they assess, we maintain deep expertise with certifications on several systems, which allows us to operate with a customer-focused mindset without being biased to a product or vendor.

We don’t simply preach automation; we live it ourselves. By automating our own operational processes and repetitive manual procedures such as manual testing, we operate with the mindset of zero-waste policy, which helps in reducing the costs of our implementation and support.

While the newer cloud solutions have helped greatly in making your investments predictable, support and maintenance still hits your balance sheet in a unpredictable manner. We can help with support packages in the similar fashion as you would get your cloud implementation on a per-user or consumption-basis, improving predictability of your IT spend.


Whether you are looking for a fully integrated ERP system or a software to support your specific business function such as sales, marketing, engineering, quality, manufacturing, operations, warehouse managment, accounting, or finance, we can help.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a fully integrated solution with accounting and finance processes embedded across the enterprise including operations and sales. If you are trying to consolidate all your standalone software into one system, you need an ERP.

If your manufacturing processes are manual or managed through spreadsheets such as BOM Management, lot tracking, recall management, supply chain, and procurement planning, then you might need manufacturing or MRP software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a standalone application to automate your sales and marketing processes. Companies look for CRM software to organize their sales and marketing processes without impacting other areas such as accounting and operations.

If your Warehouse processes are manual and you are looking to automate using barcode scanners, gain efficiencies using wave and batch picking, and have complex warehouse storage requirements, then you might need a warehouse management software

If you don’t have the need or budget to automating all your processes across the organization and merely looking to organize your inventory or accounting processes, you may be looking for an accounting system or inventory software that can automate your financial processes.

If your quality processes are manual and you seek to gain compliance certifications including ISO, 21 CFR Part 11, HACCP, GMP, you need a robust quality management software such as QMS, Statistical Process Control (SPC), and product lifecycle management (PLM)


Our consutlants have over 15 years of experience implementing and transforming the business processes of several industries including manufacturing, retail, distribution, and professional services.

Unlike other industries, manufacturing companies require specific ERP functionality such as BOM Management, MRP, and Shop Floor Automation. We have deep expertise in several micro-verticals, including industrial and non-industrial manufacturing, to help with your ERP needs.

Retail companies need specific ERP features such as omnichannel customer experience, POS integration, and merchandising. We have deep expertise in several retail micro-verticals, including traditional retailers and e-commerce, to help with your ERP needs.

Distribution companies need specific ERP features such as Warehouse management (WMS), Inventory Replenishment, and E-commerce integration. We have deep expertise in several distribution micro-verticals, including industrial and non-industrial distribution, to help with your ERP needs.

Service companies need specific ERP features such as field inventory tracking, project accounting, service management, and mobility. We have deep expertise in service verticals, including field services and consulting, to help with your ERP needs.

Our Services

ElevatIQ services include digital transformation roadmap development, system selection, ERP implementation, custom development, and system integration.

Our team has expertise in conducting interviews with your business stakeholders and help develop the roadmap and detailed requirements specification for your next business system upgrade

Once you find the system of your choice for upgrade, we can take the idea to reality by customizing the product to your needs and aligning with your business processes.

Your acquisition strategy may land into technology silos and that limits the insight available across business processes, customers and suppliers. Our team can help with technology integration strategy and execution.

Unlike other ERP vendors in the market, our training methodology is inspired by modern learning techniques, which can customized to your unique needs, irrespective of whether you prefer workshop-oriented trainings, online recorded sessions, or collaborative CRPs.

Our consultants have 15+ years of experience in understanding various licensing models and can help develop the criteria for system selection and negotiate with vendors on your behalf.

Our team has deep expertise with cloud and on-prem technologies and can help integrating with your proprietary and third-party systems. We can also help build custom portals in technologies such as .Net, Java, PHP, Python, or Node.JS.

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