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By building the next-generation systems and enabling unrivaled customer experience strategies such as omnichannel, DTC, BOPIS, ROPIS, and more.

Problems We Solve

for eCommerce Brands

Most of the eCommerce brands that seek assistance from us are preparing for the next step in their eCommerce journey. We help them in optimizing their eCommerce channels whether they need our help in re-platforming, platform selection, transforming business models such as DTC, buy-online-pick-up-in-store, omnichannel experience, or simply optimizing or integrating their current platforms.

Digital Strategy Assessment and Roadmap Development

Our assessment starts with a deeper dive into the current state of your processes, data, systems, pain points, and goals. We use secondary and primary methods to provide an initial roadmap of recommended changes to meet your business goals.

Current Platforms Not Delivering Business Results

Need help with abandoned cart issues? Struggling to improve your conversions? Need help optimizing the current platforms such as Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce? Not able to drive traffic to your current pages? ElevatIQ is a full-service agency that can align your customer journeys with your platform and improve the conversion rate and grow sales.

Lack of Experience with Platform Selection or Replatforming

Not sure if current platforms need change? Not sure how to start on the re-platforming strategy? Afraid of disrupting business during re-platforming efforts? Not sure about the financial outcome of the re-platforming strategy? ElevatIQ can help with the critical success factors, defining goals from each channel, choosing the right platform, and ensuring that the integration is going to work smoothly in the new architecture.

Digital Architecture Not Defined

Need help in defining an architecture to centralize your customer experience? Not able to provide the customer experience as your larger peers, such as bundled products, Omni-channels experience, or buy-online-pickup-in-store? Lost opportunities due to pricing or inventory inconsistencies across channels? ElevatIQ can help build the architecture that you need to scale and enable the cutting-edge customer experience.

E-commerce Integration Issues and KPIs Unreliable

Systems don’t talk to each other? Can’t trust current KPIs such as SKU velocity? Need help integrating Amazon, eBay, EDI, POS, big-box retailers, QuickBooks, PIM, 3PLs, Warehouse robots, or vending machines? ElevatIQ can help integrate most eCommerce systems and align datasets to provide the KPIs you need to make informed decisions.

Customer Experience Issues

Lead times more than the industry average? Not able to meet Amazon’s customer experience expectations? Issues with product deliveries and returns? Loyalty promotions are not working effectively? Don’t have centralized data to serve customers? ElevatIQ can help diagnose customer service issues and fix them through the process or system changes.

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Our Case Studies for

eCommerce Brands

How is ElevatIQ different?

for e-Commerce Brands?

Unlike other digital agencies, ElevatIQ’s expertise is not just limited to the needs of the sales and marketing departments. With the expertise in creating large-scale architecture and custom websites, ElevatIQ can ensure that you have the right eCommerce processes and tools in place from day one.

When it comes to business model transformation initiatives such as new DTC channels, buy-online-pickup-in-store, omnichannel experience, and cross-border financial and operational synergies, you need to analyze your current processes and systems comprehensively. Other agencies lack the operational perspective to enable them.

Most sales and marketing teams struggle to get the data and insights for their sales and marketing operations. Other agencies can’t speak the language of the supply chain, operations, and finance. We bridge that gap for sales and marketing executives and help them get the insights that they need to grow in the system of their choice.

Disconnected systems often provide inaccurate information that sales and marketing leaders need to plan out their territories, channels, and products. The shared datasets also need to be aligned across systems to get meaningful, accurate KPIs. ElevatIQ’s expertise with financial KPIs helps you uncover deeper eCommerce challenges.

Building a vendor-agnostic architecture requires you to draw data flows between different warehouses, channels, processes, and systems. It also requires you to identify the source of truth for each shared dataset. Finally, you need to design master data governance process flows and how you will maintain the integrity of architecture through the process and data controls. There are very few firms like ElevatIQ that have deep expertise in building enterprise architecture that scales.

Most web development agencies don’t have the operations and finance background to understand the ERP data models and create integration flows around them. In most cases, they end up overengineering the web layers, which results in significant challenges for customer experience such as inconsistent pricing experience or lead times higher than the industry. ElevatIQ can help avoid these challenges through its ERP data model expertise.

Understanding and negotiating software licenses and contracts require you to have an understanding of transaction and integration flows. Your decisions could fire back if you didn’t understand the licensing model of the underlying systems. We have dealt with the licensing of one of the largest enterprise software and understand different architectural patterns and licensing models deeply.

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These Are Our

eCommerce Services

ElevatIQ eCommerce services include digital strategy roadmap, channel analysis, product profitability analysis, customer journey mapping, UX and conversion issues, eCommerce platform optimization, system integration, eCommerce platform selection, re-platforming, and contract negotiations.

E-commerce Digital Strategy Roadmap

Our assessment starts with a deeper dive into the current state of your eCommerce performance, pain points, and goals. We use secondary and primary methods to provide an initial roadmap of recommended changes to meet your business goals through digital commerce channels.

Experience Design and Cx Transformation

This service helps design the customer experience regardless of touch points. It takes a comprehensive approach to experience design by defining the overall vision for customer experience, identifying the right KPIs. And then implementing the tactical strategies to improve Cx whether UX needs to be improved of different apps or much deeper transformation is required.

Digital Commerce Business Model Transformation

This service helps eCommerce brands enable business models such as D2C, buy-online-pickup in-store, buy-online-return-in-store, or subscription-based business models.

eCommerce Platform Selection and Re-platforming

These services help identify the suitable eCommerce systems for your enterprise architecture. These services also help uncover technical and financial risks deeply embedded in your contracts, and manage change for your organization.

Headless Commerce Strategy and Architecture

This service helps eCommerce brands with headless architecture enablement whether you need a custom headless solution or integration with monolithic platforms such as SAP Hybris and Oracle ATG. Or utilizing a newer breed of headless platforms such as commercetools, Spryker, or VTEX.

E-commerce Implementation and Integration

This service helps with the implementation of an eCommerce platform whether you need help with one of the SMB platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento. This service also helps with the integration whether you need to connect your eCommerce platform with ERP, CRM, or customer data platform.

Our Methodology

for e-Commerce Brands

Our methodology starts with the assessment of your current eCommerce platforms and architecture. This step is typically followed by a phased approach starting with the lowest hanging fruits that have the highest financial returns, including any platform replacement.

ElevatIQ eCommerce Methodology


Through the primary and secondary research, this assessment digs into each of your datasets, transactions, and processes to identify the core reasons for current challenges, a strategy to solve current issues, and a phased approach to execute recommendations.

Wireframes and Site Architecture

This process starts with the low fidelity wireframes of all the pages that need to be developed or changed, including the sitemap. These wireframes help align user expectations in order to avoid expensive rework during the development phase.

Site Development

This is an iterative process to develop all the pages and site elements compliant with the design and branding guidelines. This step also includes demo and user testing to incorporate any revisions if the needs may change after the development starts.

Requirements Gathering

This phase takes a deeper dive into the phase I identified in the previous step with the highest financial reward and least disruption to the business. It continues with the deeper discovery of current processes through workshops with key users. This phase captures in-scope user stories and epics that need to be part of the design and development sprints.

Visual Design

This process creates high-fidelity wireframes, including expected branding elements on pages. It also helps users provide feedback on visual elements to avoid expensive rework during the development phase.

E-commerce Integration

Once the site works as per user expectations, the next step is to integrate all the channels and systems that may interact with the website. This step helps in consolidating orders from multiple systems, sending the information each system needs, and making sure that data integrity is maintained across the systems.

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2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.