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Top 15 Digital Transformation Trends in 2024

2023 didn’t turn out to be the year we expected. It was full of ups and downs. While some positive indicators suggest promise for 2024, ongoing uncertainty is anticipated until a potential interest rate decrease in H2 of the following year. This uncertainty is poised to directly influence digital transformation trends, leading CFOs to adopt

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Top 10 Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms 2024

In the realm of real-time transportation visibility platforms, apparent similarities abound, with each touting comparable capabilities. Yet, distinctions emerge; some specialize in specific modes, while others offer multi-modal prowess. Geographic coverage further diverges, with prevalence in North America for some and exclusive focus on Europe for others. While some function as standalone applications, their primary

Top 10 Supply Chain Business Network Platforms In 2024

Before the advent of supply chain business networks, industries depended on research and survey-based approaches for supply chain planning. Companies in the data business often erred significantly, leading to inefficiencies throughout the supply chain. Establishing networks was challenging due to communication standard disparities and the difficulty of persuading the entire industry to converge on a

Top 10 Supply Chain Suites In 2024

Suite roles in architecture hinge on cross-functional embeddedness. Supply chain suites restrict ERP suites to financial reporting, while retail-focused suites demand collaboration with WMS, TMS, and OMS for mature capabilities like inventory management and allocation. These were traditionally considered to naturally reside particularly inside the ERP, sparking debates if hosted elsewhere. In retail, procurement aligns

Top 10 S&OP Systems In 2024

Top 10 S&OP Systems In 2024

Running inventory-centric operations without an S&OP system is nearly impractical. Traditionally, businesses managed operations through complex spreadsheets, merging data from various sources. Despite ERP systems claiming S&OP capabilities, their rigid data structures for transactions hinder analytical workflows. An alternative system with a more flexible structure is needed, one that allows easy manipulation without disrupting core

Top 10 Project Management Systems In 2024

Top 10 Project Management Systems In 2024

Enterprises undertake a myriad of projects, each presenting distinctive characteristics—internal or external, short or long-term, billable or cost-centric, and varying across industries with specific scheduling and reporting needs. Construction projects diverge substantially from software development endeavors. Each falls under the umbrella of project management, necessitating diverse processes and unique capabilities from project management systems. How

NetSuite vs Acumatica ERP Independent Review 2024

NetSuite and Acumatica are among two of only three cloud-native ERP solutions. NetSuite is ideal for globally spread, small to mid-market companies seeking stronger financial capabilities with localization in many countries than operationally rich solutions for specific business models. Whereas, Acumatica is positioned as an ideal choice for companies within the $10-100 million revenue range,

Acumatica ERP Independent Review

Acumatica ERP Independent Review 2024

What is Acumatica ERP? Acumatica is one of three cloud-native ERP solutions similar to NetSuite and Sage Intacct. It has extensive multi-branch capabilities, making it friendlier for retail-centric operations. It can also host multiple business models as part of the same database spanning manufacturing, distribution, construction, and field service. Thus, making it friendlier for diverse

Top 10 ERP Testing Best Practices

Top 10 ERP Testing Best Practices

Effective software testing is not just a practice; it’s an absolute necessity. A single disruption within an ERP framework has the potential to bring down an entire business. The stakes are high. Therefore, the key to preventing such disruptions lies in the planning and executing of a robust ERP testing plan. Whether you are navigating

Top 10 KPIs For Operations Managers

Operations managers are often responsible for all operational business processes from start to finish. From employees to suppliers, projects, jobs, and meetings, they strive to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve the quality of work. Their job is to empower their team of material planners, schedulers, estimators, warehouse workers, field service technicians, consultants, quality managers,


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.