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Additive Manufacturing w/ Kevin Mako

WBSP070: Grow Your Business by Mitigating Financial Risks Through Experimental Design and Additive Manufacturing w/ Kevin Mako

In this episode, we have our guest Kevin Mako. He discusses how experimental design and additive manufacturing can help mitigate financial risks with innovative projects. He also discusses several technologies and trends that have been driving faster innovation in the manufacturing sector. Finally, he discusses what financial executives look for in a pitch and how

Shifting to LEAN Strategy and Thinking w/ Sanjeev Baitmangalkar

WBSP063: Grow Your Business by Shifting to LEAN Thinking w/ Sanjeev Baitmangalkar

In this episode, we have our guest Sanjeev Baitmangalkar, who discusses LEAN thinking and why most companies fail with LEAN as they focus on tools. He also shares several stories of how he implemented Lean thinking at several facilities in various industries. Finally, He shares numerous KPIs and execution strategies to help business executives implement

Managing People Through Change w/ Amanda Prochaska

WBSP062: Grow Your Business by Continuously Monitoring the Emotional Response and Managing People Through Change w/ Amanda Prochaska

In this episode, we have our guest Amanda Prochaska, who discusses why managing people through change with large ERP transformation projects and continuous monitoring of emotional response is absolutely critical for the success of such projects. She also shares several stories related to emotional response and what she did to get these projects back on


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.