Recovering Failed Digital Transformation Implementation Initiatives

Through a structured framework of reengineering processes and data, redefining enterprise architecture, removing bloated systems, and streamlining integration flows.

We Help Companies Failed Digital Transformation Implementation

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ElevatIQ consultants have deep expertise in helping companies with a structured methodology to recover failed ERP, digital transformation, and eCommerce projects by removing process overengineering and aligning master data and enterprise architecture.

Root Cause Analysis of Issues Causing Implementation Challenges

Not sure what may be causing implementation failure? Have you tried ad-hoc arrangements in the past, but still, the implementation issues remained unsolved? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help performing root cause analysis of a failed implementation.

Realigned Enterprise Architecture to Redefine the Responsibilities of Different Systems

Don’t have a defined architecture and not sure how to start the process of building an enterprise architecture that will solve the implementation issues? Not even sure if enterprise architecture is even necessary to resolve implementation issues? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help defining enterprise architecture.

Process Re-engineering to Remove Process Bloatedness Causing Implementation Issues

Processes overengineered because of poorly designed systems and processes? Exploring new systems but wondering what if even the new system implementation may have the same issues. Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help with process re-engineering.

Optimize Master Data Governance Framework

Don’t have experience optimizing master data governance framework that will solve implementation issues? Not sure how the master data governance framework might be causing implementation issues? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help with master data governance.

Improving Interaction Flows of Different Systems

Don’t know if implementation issues could be because of poorly mapped system interaction flows? Don’t have to optimize the API integration flows of different systems? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help in building interaction flows of different systems.

Replacing Overbloated Systems Causing Implementation Issues

Not able to create a structured framework to determine if overbloated systems need to be replaced? Don’t have access to a structured framework to help solve implementation failure issues? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help with a structured selection process.

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Failed Digital Transformation Implementation

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Failed Digital Transformation Implementation

ElevatIQ offers several services to help with this challenge, such as solution and enterprise architecture design, data architecture and governance strategy, business process re-engineering, business process documentation, and change/project management.

Solution and Enterprise Architecture Design

This service helps in designing the enterprise architecture, such as identifying the roles and responsibilities of different components. As well as process boundaries and sources of authority of different datasets.

Business Process Improvement

This service helps in hitting a specific KPI such as the amount of waste, inventory turns, or demand forecast accuracy. Through the root cause analysis of current data and processes, an as-is and to-be plan is built. Using an MVP approach, an initial pilot is created to understand the impact of the change, followed by continuous monitoring and improvement.

Data Architecture and Governance Strategy

These services help with the data architecture and governance strategy, such as identifying the role and responsibilities of different data sets, their interaction with different systems, as well as how each system will augment the datasets.

Business Process Documentation

This process helps reverse engineering the processes deeply buried in business systems. This exercise is helpful for companies that are building operational capacity plans for the next phase of their growth. The process is then followed by the to-be process models, comparing the changes and investment that would be required to grow to the next inflection point.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our business process re-engineering services are especially helpful for companies that might be outgrowing non-standard, heavily customized, or legacy ERP systems. Our process of re-engineering services starts with an assessment, with a thorough analysis of current data and systems, followed by a site visit and interviews with stakeholders. Once the changes are identified and agreed upon, as-is and to-be models are built, along with the training and governance materials that teams can use.

Change and Project Management

This service helps in managing any transformation initiative, whether you are making process or system changes. The change process has three major steps preparing for change, managing change, and reinforcing change. Each of these steps has a deliverable, such as a business case, implementation roadmap, training plan, engagement model, and change governance plan.


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.