Business and Technology Strategy with an Execution-first Mindset

Through structured processes for business process re-engineering, supply chain network recalibration, material flow redesign, and data engineering.

Problems We Solve for Companies

Needing Business and Technology Advisory Services?

Companies struggling with their processes and indecisive on what changes they need to make in their processes or systems would need help defining their challenges and vision before they are ready to implement any changes. They might need help as they might be struggling with the decision of buy vs. build, not being able to align the stakeholders, or integration issues post-merger.

Can’t Decide Whether to Buy vs. Build

Burned with ERP systems in the past? Feel that you might be able to create something on your own from scratch? Can’t decide whether buying or building is more expensive? ElevatIQ can help when you need to decide between buy vs. build and streamlining your processes that scale.

Stakeholders Not Aligned with Their System Needs

Significant indifferences among executives about the overall digital transformation strategy for the company? Not able to build consensus among different departments about the tool of their choice? ElevatIQ can help when stakeholders might not be aligned with their system needs.

The Processes Too Different from Mainstream ERPs

Feel that your processes could be too different from the mainstream systems available in the market? Afraid of the ERP system not working for your business because of poor implementation? ElevatIQ can help redesign your processes when your processes might be too different from mainstream ERPs.

Data Siloes Because of Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquiring companies faster than you can streamline your architecture? Not able to define your architecture with the never-ending M&A activity? Data siloes exist because of the growing system landscape? ElevatIQ can help when data siloes might exist because of mergers and acquisitions.

Not Sure How to Start and Clean the Current Data

Afraid of how to start the process of data cleansing? Not sure how to restructure your BOMs to get the optimum throughput from your manufacturing processes? ElevatIQ can help when you might struggle with data cleansing.

Poor Adoption of Digital Processes

Struggling with the adoption of current systems? Most business users operate outside of the operational systems and hijack the processes. Have data quality issues in operations? Not able to hit the KPIs because of poor traceability of your processes? ElevatIQ can help in managing change and help you increase the adoption of your current systems.

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Our Case Studies for

Business and Technology Advisory Services

How is ElevatIQ different?

from Other Business and Technology Advisory Consulting Firms?

Unlike other business process consulting firms, ElevatIQ’s expertise is not just limited to business and strategy needs. ElevatIQ has much deeper capabilities with process transformation, enterprise architecture, and system integration.

When it comes to business model transformation initiatives such as new channels or business models, you need to analyze your current processes and systems comprehensively. Other business process consulting firms lack technical expertise. Much needed for the ERP transformation initiatives to be successful.
While most other business process consulting firms might focus on one or a couple of systems such as ERP, WMS, or eCommerce, they lack the holistic perspective to build the enterprise architecture. Not to mention the technical risks because of technical biases.
While most other business process consulting firms specialize in only a couple of systems, ElevatIQ works closely with over 200 systems and tracks them on a regular basis. This allows them to find solutions with the highest ROI exhausting all the possibilities in the market.
Building a vendor-agnostic architecture requires you to draw data flows between different warehouses, channels, processes, and systems. It also requires you to identify the source of truth for each shared dataset. Finally, you need to design master data governance process flows and how you will maintain the integrity of architecture through the process and data controls. There are very few firms like ElevatIQ that have deep expertise in building business process architecture that scales.
Most other business process consulting firms don’t have a comprehensive background with all data sets an enterprise might have, such as sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, and finance data. In most cases, they end up overengineering one department over the next, resulting in a power struggle among functions. ElevatIQ can help avoid these challenges through its enterprise data model expertise.
Understanding and negotiating software licenses and contracts require you to have an understanding of transaction and integration flows. Your decisions could fire back if you didn’t understand the licensing model of enterprise software and business systems. We have dealt with the licensing of one of the largest enterprise software and understand different architectural patterns and licensing models deeply.

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Our Business and

Technology Advisory Services

ElevatIQ business and technology advisory services include business process re-engineering, business process improvement, business process documentation, change, and project management, post-merger integration, and audit support.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our business process re-engineering services are especially helpful for companies that might be outgrowing non-standard, heavily customized, or legacy ERP systems. Our process of re-engineering services starts with an assessment, with a thorough analysis of current data and systems, followed by a site visit and interviews with stakeholders. Once the changes are identified and agreed upon, as-is and to-be models are built, along with the training and governance materials that teams can use.

Change and Project Management

This service helps in managing any transformation initiative, whether you are making process or system changes. The change process has three major steps preparing for change, managing change, and reinforcing change. Each of these steps has a deliverable, such as a business case, implementation roadmap, training plan, engagement model, and change governance plan.

Business Process Improvement

This service helps in hitting a specific KPI such as the amount of waste, inventory turns, or demand forecast accuracy. Through the root cause analysis of current data and processes, an as-is and to-be plan is built. Using an MVP approach, an initial pilot is created to understand the impact of the change, followed by continuous monitoring and improvement.

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

This service helps companies when they might need help with pre-diagnosis of the technical risks, strategy for consolidation, or consolidating the system footprint post-merger. This helps companies reduce the system footprint and streamline processes, as well as remove data siloes and improve operational efficiency as they get ready for the next phase of their growth.

Business Process Documentation

This process helps reverse engineering the processes deeply buried in business systems. This exercise is helpful for companies that are building operational capacity plans for the next phase of their growth. The process is then followed by the to-be process models, comparing the changes and investment that would be required to grow to the next inflection point.

Our Methodology

for Business and Technology Advisory

Our methodology starts with the assessment of your current business processes. This step is typically followed by a deep discovery and analysis phase to probe into business process issues and come up with recommendations for business process re-engineering, followed by an implementation and optimization plan.

Business And Technology Advisor


Through primary and secondary research, this assessment digs into each of your datasets, transactions, and processes to identify the core reasons for current challenges, a strategy to solve current issues, and a phased approach to execute recommendations.


This step is the implementation phase, and, depending upon the complexity of the change, whether the change is system-related or process, an appropriate strategy could be employed to implement the changes.

Business Process Analysis and Documentation

This phase goes through a series of workshops to document the business processes and recommend reengineering steps that could be financially and technically risky during the implementation. As well as the process reengineering will help streamline operations, resulting in operational efficiencies.

Adoption and Optimization

Post implementation, this step measures the desired KPIs and process compliance and adoption post-implementation phase. In the case of any deviations, the appropriate steps are taken until the processes are able to hit the KPIs desired.

Ready to learn how we can help With Your business process issues?

Ready to learn how we can help with your business process issues?


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.