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Frederick Wildman Case Study

ERP Implementation Failure Recovery

Learn how Frederick Wildman struggled with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP implementation failure even after spending over $5M and what options they had for recovery.

  Invested over $5M over 24 months but the ERP platform remained unstable
Substantial operational disruptions because of poor testing coverage and release process
 Confused if they should keep investing in the platform — or start with a clean slate
 Misunderstanding of the root causes of the issues
 Risk of losing support with the existing vendors because of poor relationship
 Poorly implemented integration architecture with mixing of concerns of the business logic and integration code
 Overengineered and poorly written add-ons used to support the unique functionality of the industry
 The team relatively inexperienced with ERP implementation

  Business case of several options including legal with pros and cons
Business, process, information, and system architecture built and communicated
  Co-ordination of the process with lawyers and different vendors involved
  Expert witness and guidance support
  Integration architecture for the new channels such as
  Review of the test coverage and release process to avoid future operational disruptions

  Alignment of as-is and to-be process models for executive teams
  Opportunity costs for internal teams reduced by 70%
  ERP project recovery costs less than 20% of the industry average
  Fewer Operational disruptions by 90% due to the refined understanding of the integration architecture and root causes
  Improved relationship with the existing technology vendors
  Potential savings of over $500K because of unnecessary legal proceedings

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