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Top 15 Digital Transformation Trends in 2023

Top 15 Digital Transformation Trends in 2023

The macroeconomic trends have a direct impact on companies’ cash position. And on their appetite to invest in long-term strategic projects. Simply put, the higher the uncertainty, the lower the cash. And unfortunately, 2023 is not going to be a year when we can finally be over with uncertainty. The inflationary pressures, supply chain snarls,

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Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Systems in 2023

Manufacturing companies always needed far deeper ERP capabilities than other industries. Why? Due to the large inventory carrying costs, production efficiencies, and regulatory controls. With the plethora of ERP solutions available in the market, the manufacturing industry is perhaps the trickiest when it comes to finding the right ERP solution. More overlapping options, more confusion.


Top 10 ERP Systems in 2023

How to find the top ERP system? It’s the question many of us are likely to have while starting the digital transformation journey. There are always several variables that drive whether an ERP system would be a fit for you. Or not. Generally, these variables can be divided into two categories. 1) Generic variables such

Top 10 ERP Vendors For 2023

Top 10 ERP Vendors for 2023

The lines keep blurring between ERP vendors vs. the best-of-breed vendors that integrate with the ERP systems. The best-of-breed vendors are always acquiring more capabilities to gain cross-functional marketshare. On the other hand, ERP vendors are interested in broader capabilities to make their offerings attractive. While we expect the ERP market to change substantially in


Top 10 Most Oversold ERP Systems in 2023

Most digital transformation initiatives fail (What percentage? And what constitutes a failure? Would always be a topic for debate. Another time!). As far as this post is concerned, let’s stick to the reasons for these failures. There are several. More often than not, it is because of the lack of process reengineering or change management

ERP System Price How Much Does ERP Software Cost

ERP System Price: How Much Does ERP Software Cost?

ERP system price is complex to understand. It contains several variables impacting not only your costs but the outcome of your project. With several options available, it’s often hard to compare them and assess the actual ERP software cost of ownership. Although you might appreciate the straightforward ERP System Price with fewer variables, the variables

Document Management A Need For Manufacturing ERPs

Document Management: A Need for Manufacturing ERPs

Manufacturers have varying document management maturity levels. Some manufacturing companies have well-defined processes for managing their documents, while others struggle with their ad-hoc procedures. Although you might manage to collaborate using ad-hoc methods, they are also a leading cause of team-related conflicts. This article will help you understand ERP document management and its features to

A Comprehensive Review of ERP Purchase Process

A Comprehensive Review of the ERP Purchase Process

Finding a suitable ERP system for your company and going through the long ERP purchase process could be stressful. And frightening. Because of the unforeseen risks and required persuasion. The first time is even more difficult. So want to know how to start the process? The first question you might have is about the steps


2023 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2023.