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Top 15 Digital Transformation Trends in 2024

2023 didn’t turn out to be the year we expected. It was full of ups and downs. While some positive indicators suggest promise for 2024, ongoing uncertainty is anticipated until a potential interest rate decrease in H2 of the following year. This uncertainty is poised to directly influence digital transformation trends, leading CFOs to adopt

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Top 10 Implications of Failed Digital Transformation in 2023

Top 10 Implications of Failed Digital Transformation Initiatives in 2023

Most new executives underestimate the implications of failed digital transformation initiatives. In fact, they might not take them seriously until they go live on the solution. But unfortunately, just like baseball, the ERP projects bite the unprepared the most. The more planning you do, the higher chances you have of predicting various sliders and handling

Top 10 ERP Maturity Stages in 2023

Top 10 ERP Maturity Stages in 2023

Getting the hang of the ERP implementation process takes time. Just the way it’s practically impossible to get a Ph.D. as soon as you enroll in a school, it’s also not pragmatic to get to one of the highest ERP maturity stages, on your first attempt. In fact, you should not aim for that, as

Top 10 ERP Implementation Types In 2023

Top 10 ERP Implementation Types in 2023

Going through an ERP implementation is like heart surgery for your business. And just like with surgeries, everything matters, your body type (your business model), your psychological state (the changes in the state of your business with time), doctors (ERP consultants), doctor’s expertise (their skillset and experience), equipment (ERP solution), procedure (implementation approach), and the

Top 10 Deliverables for Enterprise Digital Transformation Readiness in 2023

Top 10 Deliverables for Enterprise Digital Transformation Readiness in 2023

Can you ever be ready for marriage? Most likely not. But marrying without planning is likely to result in a painful journey, with consequences as severe as personal bankruptcy. Just like planning for your marriage, the enterprise digital transformation readiness step is not optional. It’s mandatory to avoid implementation disasters — and post-implementation disruptions. The

Top 10 Reasons why the First ERP Implementation Fails in 2023

Top 10 Reasons why First ERP Implementation Projects Fail in 2023

The first-time ERP implementation project is like getting married for the first time. Over 50% of them are likely to end up in failure. Most savvy executives who have gone through multiple implementations share that it might take up to 6 implementations – to get tangible business results from ERP projects. But, unfortunately, just like

Top 10 Non-Profit ERP Software in 2023

Top 10 Non-Profit ERP Software in 2023

Just because non-profit companies may not carry heavy inventory or require complex MRP runs, their ERP needs aren’t any easier. Consisting of unique business models with their membership types, grants, and complex operational workflows, each non-profit vertical might also differ in its needs. For example, educational and healthcare non-profits may have completely different workflows than

Top 10 Cloud ERP Systems in 2023

Top 10 Cloud ERP systems in 2023

Cloud ERP systems come in various shapes and sizes. So different that some run super legacy backends as outdated as RGP. Replacing only their front-end layer, these vendors have tried to fake their way into selling a cloud ERP system. The others are so extreme that they might deploy an on-prem code base in their

Top 10 Reasons for Retail Transformation Failures

Top 10 Reasons for Retail Transformation Failure In 2023

Most retailers understand the benefits of digital transformation. They are also good at crafting strategies for such initiatives. But when it comes to execution and getting results with these initiatives, they struggle. And often result in retail transformation failure. But why? The short answer is: misalignment. Misalignment between strategy and execution. Misalignment between business and


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.