Helping With Change and Project Management

Through superior ROI due to our subject matter expertise with business systems such as ERP, eCommerce, WMS, TMS, and S&OP platforms

Problems Companies Face

When They Need Help With Change and Project Management?

Outgrowing an accounting system not designed to support integrated processes? Have substantial data siloes with your processes that cause data integration issues? ElevatIQ’s business process reengineering services are designed to help companies when they struggle with these challenges.

No ERP Subject Matter Expertise

Teams have been ERP users but have no experience implementing one? Increased internal costs and delayed ERP implementation because of the lack of ERP expertise? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might have no ERP subject matter expertise.

Afraid of Disruptions Due to Poor Change Management

Not sure how to manage change? Don’t have a structured framework for change management? Teams not cooperating with testing business systems? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might be afraid of disruptions due to poor change management.

No Enterprise Architecture Subject Matter Expertise

Have ERP expertise but no experience in setting process boundaries of each system? Not sure why enterprise architecture is important for large digital transformation projects? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help with enterprise architecture subject matter expertise.

No Experience Managing Large ERP Programs

Not sure how to drive large ERP programs? Not sure how to build a stakeholders engagement model and responsibility matrix? Not sure how to build sequential dependencies to manage the program without any disruptions? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might be relatively new to managing large ERP programs.

Technical Teams Struggling to Produce Business Results

Technical teams not able to deliver on business expectations? Not sure how to translate business requirements that developers can understand? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need deep business system expertise.

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Our Case Studies for

Change and Project Management

Our Methodology

for Change and Project Management

Our change and project management methodology have three phases, starting with preparing for change, managing change, and reinforcing change. The preparation will start with defining the change management strategy and KPIs. For large programs, it could also be defining the vision and business objectives. Followed by the execution and monitoring phase.

Business Process Improvement

Preparing for Change

This phase is about defining the change management strategy or defining the scope and vision for the large programs, along with defining the business case, as well as the stakeholder and sponsorship model. This step also includes preparing for the change management team.

Reinforcing Change

This is the optimization phase to gauge feedback from users about how they feel about the change. It would consist of gathering feedback, diagnosing and managing resistance, implementing corrective actions, and celebrating success.

Managing Change

This phase is all about the management of change, including a communication plan, coaching plan, training plan, sponsor roadmap, and resistance management plan. Management of large programs may require defining milestones, success criteria, and a sponsor engagement model to keep projects on track.

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Our Other

Change and Project Management Services

ElevatIQ business and technology advisory services include business process re-engineering, business process improvement, business process documentation, change, and project management, post-merger integration, and audit support.

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

This service helps companies when they might need help with pre-diagnosis of the technical risks, strategy for consolidation, or consolidating the system footprint post-merger. This helps companies reduce the system footprint and streamline processes, as well as remove data siloes and improve operational efficiency as they get ready for the next phase of their growth.

Business Process Documentation

This process helps reverse engineering the processes deeply buried in business systems. This exercise is helpful for companies that are building operational capacity plans for the next phase of their growth. The process is then followed by the to-be process models, comparing the changes and investment that would be required to grow to the next inflection point.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our business process re-engineering services are especially helpful for companies that might be outgrowing non-standard, heavily customized, or legacy ERP systems. Our process of re-engineering services starts with an assessment, with a thorough analysis of current data and systems, followed by a site visit and interviews with stakeholders. Once the changes are identified and agreed upon, as-is and to-be models are built, along with the training and governance materials that teams can use.

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2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.