Helping With Digital Strategy and Planning

Through the structured approach by building a roadmap, business case, and a phased strategy for digital transformation.

Problems Companies Face

When They Need Help With Digital Strategy and Planning?

New to digital transformation? Not sure how to start on the digital strategy? Struggling with building consensus among your stakeholders? Don’t have a well-defined framework to execute the digital transformation initiatives? ElevatIQ’s digital strategy and planning services are designed to help companies when they struggle with these challenges.

Lack of Experience with Digital Transformation

Have an idea for digital transformation but not enough to be articulate? Feeling afraid of being shut down by your business counterparts? Not sure how to be confident with your decisions? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need expert help with their digital transformation strategy and planning.

Feeling Stuck on Where to Start?

Have several ideas about how you might want to take the company to the next level? Thousands of ideas in your head but struggling to articulate on paper and present them to your executives? Started building something but not sure where you are headed? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they struggle to jumpstart their effort for digital transformation.

No Framework to Execute Digital Strategy

No documented framework to execute digital strategy? Feels like rinse and repeat with no clear understanding or alignment on the best practices? Multiple versions of the framework but no clear guidelines on what works? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help with a proven framework that will have answers and a scalable model that they can build on.

Spinning Wheels with Digital Transformation

Tried digital transformation multiple times, but every time seems like spinning wheels. Efforts and investments getting wasted due to no clear strategy for digital transformation? No longer believe in digital transformation? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they feel like they might be spinning wheels with their digital transformation efforts.

Struggling to Build Consensus Among Stakeholders

No alignment among business users on the vision of digital transformation? The business functions pulling architecture and strategy in their direction? Some groups overpower others in defining the digital transformation strategy. Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help in building consensus among different functions, including the board.

Not Getting Business Results from Digital Transformation

Wasted efforts multiple times with digital transformation but not getting results? Getting results but not able to quantify and demonstrate the ROI? Feel like you are getting results, but your business counterparts don’t trust you? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they feel like they might not be getting results from their digital transformation efforts.

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Our Methodology

for Digital Strategy and Planning

The process starts with an assessment of your current issues. It then builds as-is and to-be business models and a roadmap of different changes to people, processes, and technology that will be required to enable the digital vision.

Digitlal Strategy and Planning


Through primary and secondary research, this assessment digs into each of your datasets, transactions, and processes to develop as-is and to-be states, as well as several potential solutions and priorities that need to be explored further.

Solution Prioritization

This step performs the technical analysis given the existing or new technologies required in the architecture. As well as considering the state of existing master data. This step also helps with the prioritization of different options.

Business Case Development

This step focuses on the benefits each stakeholder and team will receive because of the initiative. This step quantifies the KPIs and helps implementation teams track the progress over time during and post-implementation to measure effectiveness.

Discovery Workshops

Once the team agrees with the desired option for the to-be state, a detailed analysis is performed to remove any financial risks with the potential option. As well as to assess the financial feasibility of the plan.

Implementation Roadmap

This step helps with the implementation roadmap, including how to staff internal teams, how to engage with vendors and where to take help from them, and how to build a roadmap that is realistic and reasonable.

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Our Case Studies for

Digital Strategy and Planning

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Our Other Digital

Transformation Services

ElevatIQ Digital Transformation services include digital strategy and planning, business case development, enterprise software selection, solution and enterprise architecture design, data architecture and governance strategy, IT and software contract negotiation, and app modernization and custom development. 

Business Case Development

This service helps executives such as CIOs and CFOs in building a business case for digital transformation initiatives if they might not have as much experience with the structured process for computing the ROI and TCO analysis of the digital transformation efforts.

Enterprise Software Selection

This service helps with the structured process for enterprise software selection such as CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, eCommerce platform, MES, or any other technology that might be part of the enterprise architecture.

Solution and Enterprise Architecture Design

This service helps in designing the enterprise architecture, such as identifying the roles and responsibilities of different components. As well as process boundaries and sources of authority of different datasets.


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.