Helping With IT and Software Contract Negotiation

Through the structured approach of reviewing architecture and license agreements to discover financial risks hidden inside software contracts

Problems Companies Face

When They Need Help With IT and Software Contract Negotiation?

Feeling overwhelmed with the fine lines about data ownership and overages? Not sure how bad the software agreements will fire back once you go-live? Don’t understand how to compute the total cost of ownership for complex pricing models such as consumption-based pricing? ElevatIQ’s IT and Software Contract Negotiation services are designed to help companies when they struggle with these challenges.

No Experience Procuring Complex Enterprise Software

First time buying enterprise software? Confused with enterprise software terms such as modules, access rights, and their correlation with licensing? Afraid of vendors getting a foot in the door and later getting a humungous bill? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they don’t have experience procuring complex enterprise software and its convoluted terms.

No Experience with Complex Pricing Models such as Transaction-based Pricing

Not sure how consumption-based pricing works? Confused about how your business transactions might drive the price of your technical transactions? Overwhelmed with technical terms such as API-based pricing and connectors? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they don’t have experience with complex pricing models such as transaction- and consumption-based.

No Experience Understanding How Architectural Decisions Drive Software Costs

No experience with enterprise architecture? Relatively new to estimating how complex interactions of systems might drive the pricing? Limited experience understanding why queue or EDI may drive your pricing? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they don’t have experience understanding how architectural decisions drive software costs.

Limited Experience with Add-on Risks

Not sure how vendor conflict could result in substantial charges? Confused about how add-on pricing could end up being more than the core software? Relatively new to add-ons and their impact on pricing? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they might not understand how add-ons work and how they impact pricing.

Limited Experience in Understanding Financial Risks Embedded in Software Contracts

Not sure if you fully understand the software contracts? Not sure about the financial risks embedded in the software contracts and how they might fire back in the future? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they need help understanding financial risks embedded in software contracts.

Limited Exposure in Understanding Different Licensing Models

Not sure how to estimate the costs for on-prem vs. cloud? Not sure how entity-based, user-based, and consumption-based pricing compare? Not sure how the user access might drive licensing? Companies seek help from ElevatIQ when they have limited experience with different software licensing models.

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Our Case Studies for

IT and Software Contract Negotiation

Our Methodology

for IT and Software Contract Negotiation

The process starts with an assessment of the current architecture and licensing agreement in place. By comparing ElevatIQ’s proprietary database, each line item is compared for potential discounts and financial risks. The review process also redlines the contract items and identifies any financial risks. Then through a series of negotiations with software vendors, an appropriate plan is built to get the maximum discount from the software vendors.

IT and Software Contract Negotiation

Contract and Architecture Review

This phase takes a deep dive into the software contract and architecture. As well as identifying potential issues embedded in the software contract. Through a series of meetings with the customer and vendors, a plan is laid out for the discount or missing pieces that could increase the costs substantially later on.

Award of the Contract

This phase is the final negotiation phase, where a series of demonstrations may be required to ensure that there are no more red flags with the finalized vendor and contract. Once satisfied, the contract is awarded to the final vendor.


This negotiation phase works with software vendors as they revise the contract. A comparison, along with ROI and TCO analysis, is provided for each option. As well as briefing the team with different options.

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Our Other Digital

Transformation Services

ElevatIQ Digital Transformation services include digital strategy and planning, business case development, enterprise software selection, solution and enterprise architecture design, data architecture and governance strategy, IT and software contract negotiation, and app modernization and custom development. 

Digital Strategy and Planning

Our digital strategy and planning services start with an assessment of the current pain points with digital strategy. The assessment results in building a roadmap of different priorities, as well as a business case of different phases, along with an enterprise architecture that will act as a guiding map for the overarching transformation initiative.

Business Case Development

This service helps executives such as CIOs and CFOs in building a business case for digital transformation initiatives if they might not have as much experience with the structured process for computing the ROI and TCO analysis of the digital transformation efforts.

Enterprise Software Selection

This service helps with the structured process for enterprise software selection such as CRM, ERP, WMS, TMS, eCommerce platform, MES, or any other technology that might be part of the enterprise architecture.

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