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Through digital transformation strategy and helping them manage large eCommerce and digital initiatives. As well as providing services for eCommerce executives such as business model transformation, rebranding, new product, and channel launches. Customer experience and improvement initiatives.

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ElevatIQ consultants have deep expertise in eCommerce and digital transformation initiatives with commerce and digitally-focused industries. eCommerce and digital executives count on ElevatIQ when they need help with services for eCommerce executives such as business model transformation, rebranding, implementing and integrating new eCommerce solutions, and improving customer experience.

Starting on the eCommerce or DTC Journey

Are you starting on the eCommerce journey? Are you curious about the DTC business model? Would you like to improve your presence for the DTC business model? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Diversifying Amazon Business to DTC

Are you primarily an Amazon business trying to diversify to newer DTC channels? Do you need to figure out the roles and responsibilities of each system and department to start on your DTC journey? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Improve Customer Experience

Do you struggle to provide a seamless customer experience? Do you not have a way to stay engaged with your customers continuously? Not able to provide as compelling a customer experience as you would like? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Implement Omni-channel and Unified Commerce Architecture

Is your current omnichannel experience fragmented? Do you always struggle with stockouts, omnichannel orders, and keeping fake inventory to meet your omnichannel needs? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Taking Back Control from Distributors

Has your revenue been down but don’t have answers because your B2B channel would not share why they can’t win the business? Is your B2B channel blocking your growth? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Get Superior Business Insights

Struggling to get insights because of data siloes and fragmented system architecture? Not getting business insights because of the poor quality of your data in siloed systems? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Evaluate eCommerce as a Viable Channel

Are you interested in evaluating eCommerce as a viable channel? Are you not sure how to start on the eCommerce journey? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

Building Higher Authority than Your OEM or Fellow Distributor Competitors

Do you primarily rely on your OEMs to provide your leads? Are you always threatened by your OEM to take away business from you? Are you curious about how you can neutralize the power of your OEMs and manufacturers? ElevatIQ helps with these services for eCommerce executives.

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eCommerce and Digital Executives

ElevatIQ services for eCommerce executives include digital strategy assessment and roadmap creation, business model transformation, omnichannel and unified commerce architecture, business case development, requirements management, UX and customer experience mapping and testing, eCommerce platform selection, eCommerce implementation and integration, eCommerce change management, and project recoveries.

Digital Strategy Assessment And Roadmap Development​

This service helps in formulating an overall strategy and roadmap for digital initiatives. This assessment could include identifying the channels, SKUs, and process flows that may need to be tested out for the new digital initiative. The assessment would also include a roadmap of people, processes, and technologies required to ensure the success of these initiatives.

Requirements Management

This service helps in performing exhaustive analysis of as-is and to-be states of the requirements through interviews, demonstrations, secondary research, and process mining tools. It also helps in building consensus among all stakeholders involved with the as-is and to-be states, leading to easier change management.

eCommerce Platform Implementation and Integration

This service help in implementing platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, commercetools, Salesforce Commerce, or Kibo Commerce. It also helps with the integration strategies with various eCommerce systems such as PIM, DAM, ERP, EDI, Punchouts, or any other integrations required.

Business Model Transformation (DTC, Omnichannel)

This service helps in exploring new business models such as DTC, omnichannel experience, unexplored marketing channels such as selling products on airport or shopping mall displays, or any other transformation initiatives to help eCommerce and digital executives bring additional revenue. It helps in planning these services comprehensively.

UX and Customer Experience Mapping and Testing

This service in mapping the customer journeys, information and navigation architecture, low and high-fidelity designs, and tests all customer touchpoints. It also helps test the user experience for consumer-facing apps through heat maps and multi-variate testing of different eCommerce features.

eCommerce Change Management and Project Recoveries

This service helps in managing change, including defining the change, implementing it, and managing the change. It also helps in rescuing and recovering derailed projects because of an overly bloated eCommerce layer, performance issues because of poor implementation, or inferior customer experience because of poorly implemented master data or integration strategies.

Business Case Development

This service helps in building a business case, including a comprehensive analysis of the scope and opportunities. As well as the cost and value generated through these opportunities. It also helps craft a business plan for technical executives who might not have as much experience in pitching to financial executives and the board.

eCommerce Platform Selection and Replatforming

This service helps with the structured process for the platform selection, including building enterprise architecture, building roles and responsibilities of all systems in the architecture, and then building RFP and vendor negotiations. It also helps with replatforming strategies, including building a business case for replatforming.

Managed eCommerce Services

This service provides most eCommerce services for a fixed monthly fee, whether you need help with serious backend changes or making simple CSS changes like adding a pop-up once in a while. This service is also very useful when you need consulting expertise at manageable, fixed monthly costs.

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