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By helping them manage large finance transformation initiatives.

We Help Finance Executives

Like You, With The Following Challenges

ElevatIQ consultants have deep expertise in finance transformation initiatives such as accounting software selection and implementation, CPM and FP&A software selection and implementation, building financial systems architecture, and integrating them with other operational systems.

Not Able to Build Consensus Among Teams about the Systems

Teams can’t agree on the desired systems? Is there always conflict among teams about process boundaries? Are inputs from different systems affecting the insights produced? Finance executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Don’t Have Experience Managing Large, Complex Enterprise Programs

Scared of going over budget on your large, complex enterprise programs? Don’t have experience in translating your vision into reality? Finance executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Not Getting Insights from Financial Systems

Not able to get insights from financial systems because of the siloed systems? Do your current systems require substantial effort to build reports from the systems? Finance executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

The Closing Process Takes too Long

Your closing process taking too long because of the admin efforts required to reconcile your books? The variances from different business processes are driving your closing process to take forever? Finance executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

The Current Systems Require Substantial Admin Efforts

Spending too much time reconciling data across systems? Generating variances across processes that are eating all your time? Finance executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Too Much Cash Locked in the Inventory

Always storing more inventory not to get stockouts? Is the physical and digital inventory never 1:1? Finance executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

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Our Services For

Finance Executives

ElevatIQ services for Finance Executives include business process re-engineering, documentation, and improvement; change and project management; post-merger integration, ERP, CPM, and FP&A selection and implementation; and managed services.

Business Process Re-engineering

Our business process re-engineering services help are especially helpful for finance executives that might be outgrowing non-standard, heavily customized, or legacy ERP systems. Our process of re-engineering services starts with an assessment, with a thorough analysis of current data and systems, followed by a site visit and interviews with stakeholders. Once the changes are identified and agreed upon, as-is and to-be models are built, along with the training and governance materials that teams can use.

Change and Project Management

This service helps finance executives in managing any transformation initiative, whether they are making process or system changes. The change process has three major steps preparing for change, managing change, and reinforcing change. Each of these steps has a deliverable, such as a business case, implementation roadmap, training plan, engagement model, and change governance plan.

ERP Implementation

This service helps finance executives when they have already decided on the ERP system they would like to implement. ElevatIQ can help whether you want ElevatIQ to implement the ERP or act as the client-side project manager. Our implementation process takes a comprehensive approach, not just focusing on the ERP implementation. But also building the entire architecture.

Managed Services

This service provides most finance tech stack support services for a fixed monthly fee, whether you need help with support with your ERP, CPM, or FP&A systems, as well as with master data governance. This service is also very useful when you need consulting expertise at manageable, fixed monthly costs.

Business Process Improvement

This service helps finance executives in hitting a specific KPI such as the amount of waste, inventory turns, or demand forecast accuracy. Through the root cause analysis of current data and processes, an as-is and to-be plan is built. Using an MVP approach, an initial pilot is created to understand the impact of the change, followed by continuous monitoring and improvement.

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

This service helps finance executives when they might need help with pre-diagnosis of technical risks, strategy for consolidation, or consolidating the system footprint post-merger. This helps companies reduce the system footprint and streamline processes, as well as remove data siloes and improve operational efficiency as they get ready for the next phase of their growth.

ERP Project Recovery

It’s very common that the ERP implementation would have substantial issues with implementation due to the overengineering of components or processes. The service helps finance executives clarify the architecture, remove overengineered processes and data, remove any unnecessary customizations, and rebuild the architecture designed to scale.

Business Process Documentation

This process helps finance executives reverse engineer the processes deeply buried in business systems. This exercise is helpful for companies that are building operational capacity plans for the next phase of their growth. The process is then followed by the to-be process models, comparing the changes and investment that would be required to grow to the next inflection point.

ERP Strategy and Selection

Our ERP Strategy and Selection services help finance executives with an assessment of the current pain points with the current systems and existing ERP. The assessment results in building high-level as-is and to-be processes and change management and process reengineering recommendations. This phase is then followed by RFP development, vendor demonstrations, and finally, vendor negotiations.

ERP Optimization

This service helps finance executives in optimizing the performance of an ERP. The poorly implemented ERP may have performance issues such as customers taking more than 15 mins to retrieve a record, the planning not being aligned with operations, or BOMs not being consistent with the needs of the production floor.


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.