Helping Operations Executives Grow

By helping them manage large operations transformation initiatives.

We Help Operations Executives

Like You, With The Following Challenges

ElevatIQ consultants have deep expertise in operations transformation initiatives such as warehouse and inventory transformation, S&OP planning, logistics, and transportation planning, shop floor and production planning, MES, WMS, and TMS selection and implementation.

Product Costing and Unit Economics Issues with Operations

The costing never feels right. Costing always off because of master data issues? Losing money on product margins because of cost issues? Operations executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Always Struggling with Data Issues

Data quality issues due to user inputs? Are your inconsistent processes causing data issues? Operations executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Scheduling Feels Like Herding Cats

Always need to utilize spreadsheets for scheduling? Does system scheduling never seem to work for your operations? Operations executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Operational Issues Because the Other Departments Won’t Co-operate

Major conflicts among teams about the processes and systems? Not able to build consensus among teams about the processes and systems? Operations executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Not Able to Hit Operational Metrics

Not able to hit operational metrics because the processes are not streamlined? The operational metrics are always off because of the inaccurate data setup. Operations executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

Quality Issues with Operations

Able to measure your quality? Don’t have KPIs for your quality? Not able to trace the KPIs? Operations executives seek help from ElevatIQ when they run into these challenges.

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Our Services For

Operations Executives

ElevatIQ services for Operations Executives include business process re-engineering, documentation, and improvement; change and project management; post-merger integration, ERP, CPM, and FP&A selection and implementation; and managed services.

Operations Transformation

Our Operations Transformation services start with an assessment of the current pain points with the current systems and existing operations processes, metrics, and technologies. The assessment results in building high-level as-is and to-be processes and change management and process reengineering recommendations. Depending upon the changes required, the changes could be as small as a process or data changes. Or a complete process and technology transformation.

Operations Planning

This service helps in optimizing sales and operations, whether your current issues might be related to demand forecasting, supply planning, or transportation planning. The service starts with the analysis and assessment of your current KPI and issues, followed by a root cause analysis, and then finally, a systemic change approach, whether the changes may be related to the processes or data.

Operations Technology Architecture

This service helps build operations technology architecture depending upon the number of systems involved in different areas of operations planning such as S&OP, TMS, WMS, OMS, or FMS. This service ensures the process boundaries of different systems, including master data governance workflows, and how all the systems would work together to deliver on the process and planning goals as per desired KPIs.

Inventory, Warehousing, and Logistics Optimization

This service helps with inventory, warehousing, and logistics optimization whether you are struggling with inventory excess and obsolescence issues, whether you are trying to improve any KPIs such as dock-to-stock ratio or inventory turns. This service takes a comprehensive approach to analyze your current warehouse design, material flow, and network design. And finally recommends any changes, whether they might be system or process related, to meet the efficiency goals.

Operations Software Selection

This service helps in selecting different operations software, including buy vs. build decisions. The process starts with setting clear boundaries of the process and interaction flow for the desired component, then building requirement and solution matrix to evaluate different solutions, including RFP development, vendor negotiations, and the voting process for the selection.

Managed Services

This service provides most operations tech stack support services for a fixed monthly fee, whether you need help with support with your ERP, MES, WMS, or TMS systems, as well as with master data governance. This service is also very useful when you need consulting expertise at manageable, fixed monthly costs.


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.