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Top 15 Digital Transformation Trends in 2024

2023 didn’t turn out to be the year we expected. It was full of ups and downs. While some positive indicators suggest promise for 2024, ongoing uncertainty is anticipated until a potential interest rate decrease in H2 of the following year. This uncertainty is poised to directly influence digital transformation trends, leading CFOs to adopt

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Top 4 ERP Inventory Management Best Practices

What is inventory? Inventory can be anything that has a financial value. It can be a product or a service. It is anything and everything that goes on your sales order or purchase order. Now, the second task is to manage your inventory efficiently. Before you know about efficient ERP inventory management best practices, let’s

NetSuite ERP Independent Review 2024

What Is NetSuite ERP? NetSuite ERP is a powerful cloud-based ERP solution that empowers small to mid-sized businesses looking for a diverse cloud-native option particularly relying on add-ons for deep operational capabilities. Offering core ERP capabilities relevant to many industries, NetSuite ERP especially caters to modules spanning financial management, distribution, CRM, and supply chain management.

Top 10 ERP Pricing Implementation Considerations - Cover

Top 10 ERP Pricing Implementation Considerations

ERP pricing implementation is not as easy. It brings forth many challenges. Some of them include managing and integrating vast amounts of pricing data, ensuring pricing consistency across various platforms, keeping pricing information up-to-date in real time, staying compliant with industry regulations, and so on. The list goes on. When it comes to pricing, ERP

Top 10 Practices for Pricing and Discounting in ERP

There are a lot of different ways of implementing pricing and discounting in ERP. But there’s always a debate in terms of which is the right system to implement. When we look at pricing, there are always going to be layers and layers of pricing rules. When we look across the industry, some people implement

Top 10 ERP Contract Terms

Requiring substantial expertise to understand their implications, ERP contract are cryptic. While legal expertise might help negotiate and comprehend the language, you won’t understand the true implications unless you have expertise with many software packages, enterprise architecture, and licensing arrangements. Also, the ERP contract terms change as vendors update their pricing and configuration, more frequently

Top 6 Cloud ERP vs On-Premise ERP Differences

In today’s evolving business landscape, ERP systems play an important role in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and providing real-time insights to support decision-making. When it comes to ERP implementation, businesses often face a crucial decision: choosing between cloud ERP vs on-premise ERP. Each option has its unique advantages and drawbacks, and the choice largely depends

Top 10 TMS Systems In 2024

What exactly is a TMS system? The interpretation can vary depending on who you ask. In the transportation and 3PL sectors, a TMS essentially functions as their ERP, overseeing up to 90% of their processes. Historically, TMS packages excluded accounting, relying on external accounting software like Sage or Microsoft GP. With the advent of cloud-based

Team collaboration in an ERP environment - Top 10 Strategies To Build Consensus Among ERP Teams.

Top 10 Strategies To Build Consensus Among ERP Teams

If you can build the consensus as part of your ERP projects, your ERP implementation will likely be successful. Building consensus is always the first challenge. Since ERP implementations involve various teams and stakeholders, the challenges associated with it are multifaceted if everybody is not on the same page. What consensus does not usually represent

Top 10 WMS Systems In 2024

Traditionally, ERP systems lacked WMS capabilities due to technological and architectural differences. However, with the advent of cloud technology, modern systems now include basic WMS features for mid-market users, eliminating concerns about complex integration or the need for a separate WMS package. Nevertheless, companies, even with simpler operations, often outgrow these basic capabilities and find


2024 Digital Transformation Report

This digital transformation report summarizes our annual research on ERP and digital transformation trends and forecasts for the year 2024.