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Acumatica Overview

Acumatica is the fastest-growing cloud ERP platform perfectly-suited for small- to medium-sized businesses that are exploring an easy-to-use, fully integrated business management suite capable of integrating and automating business processes such as sales, operations, and finance.

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With its roots in the innovation-focused culture, Acumatica is uniquely positioned in the market because of the following differentiators:

Unlike other ERP systems, Acumatica ERP was born in the cloud with their system designed using cloud-native technologies. For this reason, Acumatica Cloud ERP has a newer and consistent interface that helps boost your operations’ efficiency, especially on mobile channels.

Unlike other ERP vendors where you will be signing a 3-years contract as you add new users and paying unnecessarily due to these locked contracts, if you scale down, Acumatica offers true scalability with their licensing. You can grow with Acumatica without ERP license being bottleneck to your growth.

Acumatica Cloud ERP has been receiving the highest ratings for its usability consistently for several years. Acumatica is also very popular among users who switch from simpler accounting systems such as QuickBooks and Xero, as it is easier to learn.

Unlike other ERP vendors that offer only public cloud options or limit you with your choices on storing your data, Acumatica Cloud ERP provides flexible deployment options, including public cloud, private cloud, or on-prem. You can also choose between Azure and AWS, and the location of your data.

The other ERP systems might struggle to attract your marketing and design teams’ attention due to their dated feel. With its unique look-and-feel, Acumatica can impress these teams and beat modern CRM systems in its ease of use and ability to natively integrate with current systems such as marketing automation or salesforce.

Acumatica cloud ERP uniquely offers several pricing options that reduce your licensing costs, including consumption-based pricing with unlimited users, pricing based concurrent usage in the cloud, and monthly billing to reduce the upfront investments.

Compared to other inflexible ERP vendors, Acumatica Cloud ERP provides its policies in the form of a customer bill of rights. These rights allow you to request your data if you ever want to move to another ERP system. The ownership of data is particularly important with the public cloud option.

You might need to pay with other ERP systems to develop last-mile functionality such as WMS integration, Point of Sale, or estimation module. Acumatica offers such functionality for several industries, including manufacturing, retail, distribution, construction, and field services.

Acumatica is widely prevalent among ISVs such as SPS Commerce that provide native integration to Acumatica. While Acumatica offers the core functionality out-of-the-box for many sectors, you always have an option to find a plugin for non-critical features through its thriving ISV ecosystem.

Acumatica only sells through its partners to reduce their sales and marketing spend and instead invest this money in the product’s R&D and innovation. With Acumatica, you have access to a local reseller who will reduce your consulting fee due to their local presence and expertise while receiving superior product updates directly from Acumatica.

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Our Acumatica Services

We are your one-stop-shop for all your Acumatica Cloud ERP needs, whether you need assistance in evaluating Acumatica’s capabilities, implementing it as per your business requirements, or extending its capabilities.

We have end-to-end capabilities in supporting your needs for the demo, price quote, or helping you compare Acumatica Cloud ERP with any other ERP systems.

We can migrate your proprietary or legacy transnational or master data and ensure that it is successfully imported in the new system

Not only we can help with selecting the right Acumatica configuration, we have end-to-end capabilities to implement Acumatica for your business.

We can help with integrating any of your proprietary systems or shop floor machines or any of the third-party apps such as CRM, HCM, or BI apps

Our implementation services include training your business users on the Acumatica ERP platform. We conduct group or individual training in the on-site and virtual settings

Our custom development capabilities include creating web portals and applications, developing custom modules on Acumatica, or mobile apps

Acumatica Industry Editions

With Acumatica Cloud ERP, you get industry-specific functionality for your industry out-of-the-box without expensive customization or add-ons.

This edition is ideally suited for non-inventoried and project-centric businesses such as professional services firms and marketing consultancies. It can support most business processes of a services business such finance, project management, purchasing, CRM, and reporting.

This edition is ideally suited for manufacturing companies including industrial automation and machinery, medical device, health and beauty, f&B, and automotive manufacturers. It can support most business processes of a manufacturing businesses such finance, inventory and warehouse management, production and BOM, purchasing, CRM, and reporting.

This edition is ideally suited for wholesale and distribution companies including industrial, electrical, food, HVAC, CPG distributors. It can support most business processes of a distribution businesses such finance, inventory and warehouse management, purchasing, CRM, and reporting.

This edition is ideally suited for field services companies including surveillance and security companies, appliance, janitorial and building services companies. It can support most business processes of a field service businesses such finance, inventory and warehouse management, on site installations and timesheet management, purchasing, dispatch and scheduling, CRM, and reporting.

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